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  • Q: How do I sugget a FAQ question?
    A: Send it to me at funkman AT joedog dot org. I will ignore questions without answers. Questions should go to the tomcat user list. I also read the tomcat-user list. If you note a question is good for the FAQ, I might add it.
    Q: If I email you directly with a problem, will you answer it?
    A: Unless you pay me, no.
    Q: Who wrote this?
    A: Tim Funk.
    Q: This FAQ sucks! Your answers are wrong! and your missing real good questions.
    A: That wasn't a question. But drop me a line and give me specifics. My email is funkman at joedog D0T org.
    Q: Can I get the XML?
    A: Yes. Here it is (12 kb). Just copy to if you want to FTP the files for publishing. Otherwise, just run ant and your done (assuming ant is properly installed and configured).

    You can also just get the CVS source from sourceforge too. Here is the link the project in sourceforge.

    The original location of this FAQ is located at: and is hosted by Logo

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