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  • This is about the tomcat user list. Subscribe and general information can be found here. It is a high volume list! For those who can't handle that kind of traffic, you can also get it in digest form. If you post to tomcat-user, use good etiqutte, ask good questions, and use Best Practices

    Q: Why won't people answer my question?
    A: It could be one of any of the following answers:
    • No one knows the answer.
    • Everyone is ignoring you.
    • The person who knows the answer hasn't gotten around to it yet.
    In other words - you get what you pay for. If you phrase you question intelligently and not make your question annoying, your quality of support will probably better than any commercial help support.

    Personally - I kill the following:
    • help in the subject line (we know you need help by writing in the first place)
    • plz or please in the subject line. We already know you need help.
    • ALL CAPS IN THE SUBJECT LINE. (Sorry for anyone emailing from a mainframe)
    • Multiple ! in the subject line. Seeing how your message wants to be more important by adding multiple ! is more of an incentive for me not to answer it.
    • Your email has a return receipt. You don't need to know I got the message.
    • Select posters who have consistently displayed no desire to research before posting a question. I could name them since they aren't reading this FAQ anyways.
    So if you send an email to the list with any of the above criteria - I will never see it. Others may, but I won't.

    Q: How do I unsubscribe?
    • To unsubscribe, e-mail:
    • For additional commands, e-mail:
    If you are unable to unsubscribe, it could be do to your email system mangling your email address or you subscribed under an alias. In that case see maybe this thread will help.

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