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Tomcat FAQ: Configure
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  • This page covers common configuration questions. Did you read the docs?

    Q: Is there a DTD for server.xml?
    A: No! Nor can one accurately exist. Here's why
    Q: How do I change the welcome file? (I want to show index.jsp instead of index.html)
    A: This is done in web.xml by changing welcome-files-list. More detail.
    Q: How do I make Tomcat listen on a specific IP address instead of all available addresses?
    A: RTFM! [Add the property address='' to your Connector config.] For more detail: JK, http (legacy), http (coyote).
    Q: How do I disable directory listings?
    A: Look for $TOMCAT_HOME/conf/web.xml. In there you can change the behavior. This can also be overridden per webapp by placing the same config info in your local webapp. Link to an answer.
    Q: How do I use symbolic links with jars?
    A: You'll need to mess with server.xml and do this. (Don't worry - its really easy!)
    Q: How do I set System properties at startup?
    A: With JAVA_OPTS environment variable. ... Windows service users - use this
    Q: How do I get a custom error page?
    A: You configure this in web.xml. All the gory details are in the servlet spec for more information.

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