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Tomcat FAQ: I got an error
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  • So you got an error. Hopefully this page has your error. If your page deals with your page not compiling due to class or package not found, see the Class Not Found page.

    Q: I get org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: The content of element type "web-app" must match
    A: web.xml must be a valid XML document with respect to its DTD. Either: 1) Your entries are ordered wrong, 2) Missing a required entry, or 3) You have entered an entry that does not exist in the DTD.
    Q: I can't get pages to work under /servlet/*
    A: See the Miscellaneous section. It should be answered there.
    Q: Help! My installation is corrupt!
    A: If you downloaded a tar.gz (tgz) file, make sure you use GNU tar when extracting the files. tar from proprietary Unixes probably won't work. For windows users - pkunzip doesn't work either, use WinZip.
    Q: I got: Too many open files
    A: This is a unix thing. Unix can limit (or tweak) a process by various parameters. To change these, look at ulimit.

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